Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Need a help with style?

Haute People - Watch Guide this handy guide will come in handy for the budding fashionista or just someone looking to get their partner the perfect gift.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I've been a bad poster, I know. It's been almost a whole year since my last blog entry but there were so many things. Well, no more excuses I am back into this full throttle.

with the apologies out of the way, I am now proclaiming that i'm on a 30 day "raw food" program. The bottom line is that i have a karate tournament coming up in a month and i need to be at my best. So what would be a better way to fortify the body and just flat out detoxify it than going all natural?

This means nothing processed, no bread...cookies (drops a tear), chips, soda pop, and whatever else the kids are eating these days. So wrapping up this mini update, every friday starting on the 10th and ending November 7th i will be posting any ongoing changes (be it physical, mental, emotional, etc)

This is no fad diet plan, and i've been physically training for years so i am not jumping into this blindly. Wish me luck folks.

P.S. i'll be blogging more regularly...if people are still willing to read it. i know i had a pretty healthy following back in the day.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cold hearted? No, you're just a coward

Someone on a Bahamian message board asked whether or not it was normal to act colder towards people because they didn't stick to promises. This is why I hate my generation, seriously. We're so selfish and weak that we clutch at any and every excuse to take the easy road.

For the life of me i can not rationalise treating someone new i got into a relationship with in a half butt manner because of slip ups the person before them committed. Is that that fair? Heck, is it how one with supposed intelligence would act?

Still, this is how i responded to the topic in question:
i held back to see how others would respond. still, the young god can't see himself becoming jaded and all bitter because of repeated run ins with retarted daughters. I just chalk it up to experience and move on. I'm a nice dude because that's my inherent character and no one on this planet is relevent enough to change that

Sunday, April 08, 2007

F.O.C.U.S part deux

ok the last time I wrote about focus, it was about how I lost my way mentally. It seems that the late night eating, forced frequent take out dinners, and forced inactivity at work (sitting behind a desk, nice) has taken my body for a ride. And just like the cutie you invited to carnival that ended up puking on the kamakaze...the end result isnt nearly as sexy as before.

So here it begins, phsysical reinvention time....don't get me wrong, i do work out but it's mostly my shoulders and chest (which people think i do steroids joke) but the guiness and heineys tend to round out an area or two. the equation for losing weight is pretty simple...calories burnt must be more than calories taken in.

So let's more midnight snacks, no more cold cans of cerveza based goodness, going back to martial arts training (cringes in fear), and what will surely have me sweating bullets for at least the first more SUGAR. That includes sodas, candy bars, milkshakes, etc.

on that is over rated blah

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Love=I am SO sleeping with you?

In this age of promsicuity and decadence, it seems that the only thing that's moving at a faster pace than the spread of STI infection is the furtive effort to cover one's tracks. I really don't understand, if you are sexually active...FINE. But to claim that person is your eternal undying love because you gave it up is retarted. These aren't the days where a pregnant unmarried woman got shipped off for 9 months and reappeared after visiting her "cousins".

You're loose...yes...but we forgive you.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


It's wierd, a few months ago I had my life mapped out to the T. I'd graduate from COB, do the computer thing for a bit while researching my novel. I would develop a IT company of world wide recognition in the Bahamas and expand to Mexico (what can I say, i have a soft spot for the place) I would be crowned Nobel Laureate before my 25th birthday as a result of my contributions to the literary world .

But that was then, now I only yearn for the sweet, sweeeet semester's end. I admit that i have lost my way, and even thought out elaborate scenarios that in my most desperate hour I wouldnt have (under normal circumstances). But because of that, I understand (not condone) the reasoning behind alot of society's anti-social behaviour.

With that said, from this day onward i must, without fail...continue in my endevours, and i will begin with launching 2 projects before month's end. (hint: i get to broadcast my brand of humour to an even wider audience)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The average Bahamian girl is STUPID...DAMN!!!

Alot of time i just chill and converse with different women and they keep asking me why i'm single. My answer is always that I haven't found one that interests me. Some may think i'm being picky but it's just that I don't lower my standards. Sure I like a nice body and pretty face like everyone else but i treasure intellect over all. And sad to say, bahamian girls on average are just plain silly.

Example, some random girl attempts to insult me just because I disagree with her. Especially because she is attracted to the person in question (which i think is stupid but that's a completely different topic). I find it sad that just because I refuse to bend like the mindless THC infested drones that you and this sad generation have come to expect, you need to bitch and sling insults. Yes, I am a pretty smart individual. An more importantly, one that isn't ashamed of it.

In short, women...there is more to men than what's between their legs. Also, just because you want to spread yours apart for that particular person doesn't mean they aren't a punk (it just makes you a freak for weaklings) And for heavens sake, at least TRY to think with that ever decreasin mass of grey matter just wasting space between your ears.

[disclaimer: I know that my beautiful islands of the 242 contain some highly intelligent women, just saying..some of the sisters need a kick in their lower and more active brain]